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Website Creation or Redesign

Your website prospects don’t have the time–or the patience–to stick around for a site that takes forever to load… or one that requires guesswork to figure out.

Plus, your website can’t just be eye candy. Sure, it should look appealing, but it needs to be smart as well. This means adaptable for any smart device. Whether your buyers are on their smartphone, tablet or desktop, they expect a seamless experience.

An outdated, broken website will send them packing. A captivating, easy-to-navigate site, on the other hand, creates a buyer for life.

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"JRM understood that I was looking not only to have a well-designed website, but to have it set up technically to rank in Google and convert more website visitors."
Scott Gelber,
Marketing Manager


If you’ve been shopping for a website partner, you may have noticed one thing: every site looks the same. 

It’s not your imagination. There’s a good reason for it…
Most websites are designed from a built-in theme. And the popular ones appear over and over.

We don’t rely on website themes. Ever. Why? Because not only are they outdated, but themes slow down your website.
We have a need for speed - as does your buyer. 

Your custom web design will not only be modern, but faster. 
Your website will bring out your unique company flavor… Your brand. Your messaging. –not a copycat of everyone else.

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