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Website design and development is what we do, but we are passionate about customer satisfaction and exceeding goals

We enjoy helping our customers understand the value of website design and development, and seeing results that matter. Our focus is to help companies, small or large, with solutions that improve their online presence, user experience, and lead conversions. We strive every day to deliver an excellent customer experience for you and your customers when they visit your website.

Being an industry leader

With over 42 years of industry experience, it’s our customers that allow us to constantly improve the way we do business. One improvement we’re really proud of is the quick response time our customers experience with us, which is rare to find nowadays. Being an industry leader is about providing excellent solutions to your customers with an exceptional customer service experience. This is the standard that we hold to.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide reliable, responsive, high-quality website design and development services to small and mid-size businesses across the United States.

About JRM Web Marketing

When Jesus McDonald founded JRM Web Marketing, he didn’t want to be like other digital marketing agencies with people running all over the place. This is where he wanted his business model to be different and specific. 

He didn’t want his company to be a one-stop solution offering a lot of marketing services under one umbrella. He wanted to focus on one service, be really darn good at it, and provide quality results for it. His previous marketing experience taught him that any client’s biggest frustration is that the client finds it difficult to get hold of their account manager, web designer, or web developer. While the account manager juggles SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing, the client feels neglected. 

He decided his clients wouldn’t face this situation. He realized that the starting point and most essential part of digital marketing activity is the website of a business. 

It can be hard to compete with the major tech companies of Silicon Valley, but at the same time, these large companies do not focus on small and medium-sized businesses and building their web presence with the level of support needed. JRM Web Marketing has been helping businesses in Silicon Valley and across the United States create their online identity with a WordPress website and the support they need.

“Your website is meant to improve your bottom line and reduce redundant tasks.”
Jesus McDonald
Founder and CEO at JRM Web Marketing

Meet the Leadership

Jesus McDonald, Founder and CEO of JRM Web Marketing

Jesus McDonald

Founder and CEO
Caroline McDonald, Director of Finance at JRM Web Marketing

Caroline McDonald

Director of Finance
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