Why We Choose WordPress Over Wix Every Time

Why We Choose WordPress Over Wix Every Time

A Common Question We Get Asked: Wix vs WordPress – What’s The Difference? Which One is Better? And Why?


  • WordPress has better SEO options to help improve your online presence (WIX has limited coding options)
  • WordPress has many more themes and plugins than WIX, so your website can be more personalized
  • Premium WordPress templates come with added support, security, and functionality
  • You cannot change the WIX template (you would have to start over and create a new website)
  • eCommerce: WIX has limited payment options for your customers (only payment gateways provided are PayPal and authorize.net)


To sum it up, WordPress is more robust so you can customize your website to what you want it to be with less limitations, which is what makes it the more popular CMS platform.

Hire Experienced WordPress Designers and Developers

In order to create or redesign an amazing website you need to hire experienced WordPress designers and developers. This is crucial. It’s worth every penny in the long run. Many times I have seen companies that want a cheap solution end up getting cheap results, which should be expected. Most of the time these are web designers or developers with limited experience in WordPress trying to crank out low cost projects. In some cases it’s an experiment or resume builder for an inexperienced designer or developer, and you don’t want to be an experiment. That could easily lead to issues with the security of your website, theme, plugins, etc. Often you won’t discover the mess until updates or redesigns are needed (and end up costing more). It’s a headache that is not worth your time. Pay a little more for building a solid foundation for your website by hiring experienced web designers and developers.

If you are interested in getting WordPress for your website or if you need a website redesign, check out our work samples and give us a call to learn more about our website services. We are here to help in any way possible.

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