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15 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

JRM Web Marketing
26 10, 2020
JRM Web Marketing
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Have we not seen an influx of good and worthy content over the internet? But is producing such content enough? The real trick lies in driving more traffic to your website. By doing so, you will only pave the path for getting yourself, and your content noticed. You need to promote or market your content by utilizing all modes of social media channels. For example, small content over WordPress can be promoted via Twitter; whereas your clicks and videos would garner attention from the masses in the Instagram zone. Facebook, on the other hand, is a mixed platform.

To increase your traffic using organic strategies, here are 15 essential ones to help you; something that most digital marketing agencies in Silicon Valley would also fail to suggest.

Produce relevant content

The sole purpose of driving traffic to your website is to generate more views and that would lead to greater sales. So make it a point to resort to all means in order to get noticed. Infuse videos, pictures, and graphics alongside content (not too lengthy) so that relevant information would seep through the masses. You can also get help from an experienced social media marketing agency. Delegation is powerful and it will help you to scale, so do it if you can.

Emphasize on videos with content

While ‘content is king’ (undoubtedly!), the gradual shift towards videos indicates that integration of both becomes essential to be above par with the rest of the world. Ensure that no matter how engaging your content is, a good video when uploaded on YouTube or shared via a link in the same article will bring in more traffic to the site.

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The craze around guest blogging

By fulfilling the role of a guest blogger and submitting articles on other sites, you enjoy the privilege of getting more traffic. Now if you happen to do the same with others, the publication rate of yours will also increase manifold. No wonder, they make more money via optimum sales, traffic, and definitely, subscribers.

Long-tail keywords matter

Talk to SEO experts. They will tell you how these long-tail keywords are what people look for the most while searching, even randomly. So if you wish to see how you have placed yourself in the growing market, target the top ranks in the search result pages.

Focus more on SEO (on-page)

Content creation involves the task of mastering a few effective SEO tactics, which you must know to see how your ranking can be improved with each passing day. The audience looks for high-quality content. So write meta descriptions for your website pages, specifically the ones appearing just below the URL in the search results.

Create backlinks

Once a link is connected from another website to yours, there are optimum chances of your business to be showcased before the larger audience. If you happen to do justice on your site, industry influencers would no doubt turn towards you. Google picks on a few backlinks just to see if a few other trusted sites also point to yours.

Take recourse to landing pages

Specific pages that lead to more traffic to your page; only if you resort to the offers, deals, discounts, coupons, vouchers, and more. You can redeem a code or check out the free trial or simply, download the free guide. As a result of the specificity employed in these pages, the traffic coming is huge.

Boost your online engagement

Plenty of online groups and websites are free, which means you can be members of the same; provided they align with your business or simply blogging, so as to obtain greater traffic. The more you answer people’s questions, take part in industry-based discussions, and comment on blogs and posts; the greater the chance of you getting maximum exposure and also, profile visits from others.

Don’t leave out the paid methods

The channels of PPC advertising include a display, social media, and retargeting of advertisements. In this way, your business or site can enjoy securing top spots when relevant searches occur. Not only that, you get paid to feature in such feeds. But you need to specify your audience type and how well you include add-ons (like psychographic data).

LinkedIn is a powerful medium

Video posts are necessary if you wish to be a part of the world population resorting to a platform like this wherein tips, tricks, books, news, articles, and such are aplenty. As long as you stay wary about the overall quality of your articles and posts, you can be sure about how the shares on LinkedIn will be greater.

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The hashtag world

Promoting your website pages, blog posts, articles, and even tweets in addition to hashtags means your chances of getting discovered and followed by users becomes greater. And that certainly invites a good deal of free traffic.

E-marketing will never die out

New content marketing strategies occur on an everyday basis. It’s indeed tempting to leave aside the conventional approaches and practices, to adopt the new. By promoting offers, deals, and exciting rates upon subscribing to newsletters, the email marketing practice shows people how they can learn more. But the frequency of these mails is what you need to keep a tab on.

Schema microdata

This acts as a potent resource whereby one can easily look via the bots to locate good quality content. The good part about schemas is that a proper and information-rich site is developed. And using those little snippets and tidbits of information, the click-through sales can get better.

Don’t neglect your competitors

Not that you have to use Google Analytics to gauge what your competitors are working on, but you must keep a tab on their overall traffic sources. This way, you can learn how they are getting traffic to their site and create new marketing strategies where it’s needed.

Incorporate your style

Your style must be set aside from others. Check to see that the pace and imagery appear fast and stay variegated. Don’t forget to outsource projects if you can.

As a reminder, be committed, consistent, and delegate projects when you can.

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